Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Andrew Bolt has acquired a time machine.

Every now and then Andrew Bolt does something so amazingly stupid it makes your head spin.
Here is his latest effort.
Back in October 2004 I posted this entry about Andrew Bolt shamelessly misrepresenting a scientific opinion regarding global warming from the Max Planck Institute.
Bolt's total lack of credibility on this matter was raised again yesterday by Clay Sampson in the August 22 forum.
Sampson highlighted how Bolt claimed, “...much recent warming may have been caused by a brighter sun, Germany's Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research says?” while the Max Planck Institute’s press release (dated August 2, 2004) stated, “solar activity affects the climate but plays only a minor role in the current global warming."
Clay then asked the misrepresenter to explain his discrepancy.
Bolt responded by saying, “My article appeared last year, in the month the institute put out a press release which put its (sic) position a little differently than it did in the older article you quote.”
But here is the big rub.
Bolta's article about global warming first appeared on October 3 2004 whereas the press statement he selectively quoted to defend his article was released on October 28.
So Bolt has defended his misrepresentation with information that did not exist at the time of writing.
Stunning. He must have access to a time machine which allows him to travel into the future, or, maybe he is just a classic bullshit artist who is in a hole, won't admit a mistake, and just keeps digging.
I sent the Bolt forum an email about this matter, highlighting Bolt's totally inadequate, and painfully wrong excuse, but it hasn't got a run. Guess who moderates the forum?
"Pathetic" is a good word.