Monday, March 28, 2005

McManus and Hun lose appeal.

Well it is official. Gerard McManus and the Hun (in particular their editor Peter Blunders) are still fucking disgraces.
Greens Senator Bob Brown claimed McManus' reporting just before the 2004 Federal election about the Greens' policies was a grotesque beatup. And the Australian Press Council agreed with him.
Did the Herald Sun apologize? No they appealed the decision because being a journalist these days means never having to admit you are wrong.
Well the appeal failed and the Greens sent out this press release.
I've googled this, but nobody seems to care about our democracy being undermined by an out of control media anymore.


At 10:44 pm, Anonymous newkidhere said...

Yes you're right. No-one cares that the media no longer does its job properly, or that it prints/broadcasts lies to promote its own agendas.
One of the Howard Govt's aims is the "reform" of media ownership. Who are the beneficiaries of this? You got it. A few big media owners who make sure the "right"information get's to it's readers/listeners/viewers. And people don't care because they can't yet see how they will get screwed further.
You'll hear people start complaining the day they are personally affected by a policy and not a second before. Who cares if the Greens are slandered, Labor policy is misrepresented, asylum seekers villified, or muslims tainted with generalisations. So long as my rates stay low is the cry of the average Australian.
Well Australia is riding a debt bubble and eventually someone has to start paying. The signs are emerging now and you just wait to hear the whingeing when they all realise tey have ben lied to. Not just by the Liberal Govt, but by their media mouthpieces too.
And just watch the Jockey's in the media start trying to change horses and rewrite the histories of their own support.

At 1:46 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The link doesnt work Iain. What kind of crap blog is this?

Also who has swearing on their blog?

Iain you are fucking disgrace. If you delete my post you are also a hypocrite.

At 6:28 pm, Blogger HackWatch2004 said...

The link doesn't work because the file is no longer at that address on the Greens computer system. You will also find other links don't work because the Herald Sun and other papers have archived their articles and have changed their URLs.
The fact you are having a go at me for the links not working clearly indicates your total lack of computer knowledge.
OOOOH naughty me, I swore on my blog. I must be spanked.
You accuse me of being hypocritical and using foul language while declaing I'm a " disgrace" in the same post. Man that was just too funny.
Are you the same troll as the buffhead on boltwatch?

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