Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Should Malcolm Farr write political hard news and editorials.

With editorials like this do you think Farr will be able to keep his opinions out of his hard news reports? Farr looks like he may take over David Penberthy's role of blurring news and opinion for this election.
Maybe The Age and the Australian should get Robert Manne and Philip Adams to write hard news for their respective papers?

The ego has landed

It takes a special kind of media bafoonery for a sports commentator to get on Media watch. Congratulations to the 2GB employee for showing the world Ray Hadley's massive ego.

Hack Watch

First up on the Hack Watch Hall of Shame is Gerard McManus for his effort in the Herald Sun "exposing" the Greens Policies. Firstly he got most of them totally and utterly wrong, and it doesn't take too much intelligence to work out where he got his information from.
Funny how Howard misrepresents the Green's drug policy one day and then the very next day those misrepresentations get published in the Feral Sun.
In a triple wammie on the Greens the Hun backed up McManus with an equally misleading editorial and then asked the public in their voteline "if the greens had gone too far". At least the next day they get to whomp on the greens again.
Congratulations Gerard you have just won the first ever vote for hack of the year.