Thursday, October 07, 2004

McManus and Drugs.

If Gerard McManus wasn’t already a clear cut favourite for the “Hack of 2004” award, he certainly is after this effort in the Herald Sun.

It is truly staggering that this dickhead, and I don’t use that word very often, can still misrepresent the Green’s drug policy. McManus knows the Greens want to investigate the effectiveness of the controlled use of so-called party drugs, yet he continues to claim the Greens want to “regulate the supply of ecstasy”. Absolute disgrace and he knows it, and so does editor Peter Blunden, who defended the paper’s reporting of Green’s drug policy on 774 ABC yesterday.

McManus then slams the Greens for wanting to introduce or increase 40 taxes. In an article designed to do as much damage as possible, he fails to mention the Green’s policies of reducing taxes on some things (e.g. wages below the poverty line) and ending other taxes entirely (e.g. GST on public transport).

Of course McManus would not dream on mentioning the Liberal’s alleged 144 new or increased taxes since 1996.

McManus then gets some quotes from a Neo-con pin head from the IPA to fill out the story.

I just love his last paragraph,”The Greens also have a social policy with an approach to welfare that guarantees a minimum income regardless of whether people work.” Gerard you dickhead, every party has this policy in some form or another. Have you heard about the dole, old age pension, Austudy, disability pensions, retired servemen’s pensions. They have been around for a while.

McManus looks like he may have the “Hack of 2004” trophy in the bag and it would take something pretty special to knock him off.

Speaking of things pretty special, I actually agreed with Alan Jones the other day. In a moment of rare clarity, Jonesy argued, “Bring it (The Anglican Church) up to date and ordain women as Bishops.” A couple of days later it was business as usual with Jones telling his audience to do what he was doing and put the Greens last. Even behind Family first who don’t allow gay marriage eh Alan?

Why don’t you just give the PM a big kiss Michael Harvey? More Green bashing at the end of the story without a reply.

The Greens were clubbed like baby seals again in the Herald Sun editorial.

Terry McCrann continued the sycophantic coverage by attacking anyone critical of his beloved PM.

The Herald Sun certainly had a big day out.

Here is my prediction for their final editorial. John Howard will be portrayed as a God-like figure in a turbulent world while Latham will have to do a deal with the devil (the Greens) to get into office. That of course would spell doom for the entire nation. Vote Liberal or we are all going to die horrible deaths.

It wasn’t all bad for Rupert’s tabloids with Simon Benson cutting through Howard’s spin to produce this excellent story about the Liberal’s forest package. Please Simon, go down to Melbourne to teach McManus how to investigate, rather than peddle spin.

On to the Daily Telegraph.

Malcolm Farr donned the tutu and grabbed some pom poms to cheer Peter Costello while the PM scored the glamour shot on page one getting a pat on the shoulder from 'Joe Lunch Box'. The headline “Closing In” certainly wasn’t about WMDs.

Over at Rupert’s “quality” paper, Paul Kelly argues Latham’s problem is people don’t know him as a leader, while David Uren has blown all his chances of winning “The Hack” with this fine effort.

Matt Price must be a Faulty Towers fan judging from his piece about not mentioning the war. Price has been been a good read this election.

On a non-journalism matter, Corangamite challenger Peter McMullin has just released what is probably the most brutal and personnel election material I have ever seen. Cards are now floating around the electorate with a “photo-shopped” road sign saying, $14,000 of Federal funding used to seal driveway of sitting MP Stewart McArthur. The other side of the card is an arial photo of McArthur’s 35 room country estate. Very Nasty, but having said that, Liberal member has just called our troops in Iraq “peace keepers” and claims WMDs may still be found in Iraq, so I can’t say I have much sympathy for someone so deluded.

Nuff said, will award the Hack tomorrow night.


At 8:05 pm, Blogger HackWatch2004 said...

Well judging from some of the emails bouncing around Crikey, it looks like Fairfax may be "bigging up" Howard in their election editorial. Apparently, there has been riding instructions coming from the pro-Liberal board, and the staff are up arms. According to some emails the decision to support Howard was made for commercial reasons.
If the journalistic staff have been rolled by the board you can just about kiss good-bye to democracy as we know it in this country. Howard will receive a clear message that no matter how bad he performs, the "fourth estate" will support him because it is good for business.

At 6:53 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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