Friday, October 01, 2004

Iraq and editorials

Well this editorial just cracks me up. I didn't know if the Daily Telegraph editorial was an ad for Rupert's Sky news, was an ABC bashing exercise, or was just someone having a laugh.

I particularly love this bit.

"DURING election campaigns, the public depends on the news media for a thorough account of party offerings so that on the day of the ballot, voters feel they have had access to the information they have needed to help them decide their vote.

And that's a responsibility which media outlets are obliged to take very seriously because at election time, it's their work only which makes a critical element of democracy – the ability to make a free and informed choice – possible."

So true Daily Telegraph, just a shame last election you reported every lie told by the Liberal Party as a gospel truth. I'll never forget your front page that screamed "Children Overboard; Water Torture". But I digress.

With Iraq and honesty in government set to become the key issue in the last week of the campaign, Rupert's rags have launched a pre-emptive strike on Labor's bring them home by Christmas policy.

"Standing Firm..." is the best option in The Australian and Dennis Shanahan has a go at the troops home by Christmas policy. He also managed to make the biggest understatement of the campaign by declaring, "Howard's credibility has suffered as a result of the absence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq".

The Australian's editorial paints the "it-aint-that-bad" picture and claims
"Polls have consistently shown a "silent majority" of Iraqis who believe life is better now than under Saddam Hussein, and who believe democracy can succeed." In an optimistic mood the editorial then argue, "The January election will be a major step towards bringing renegade Sunni and Shia groups, including the army of Shia cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, to the negotiating table."

Perhaps Stutchy should have actually read his paper before telling us all will be fine.

With the Ivan Malloy beatup dying a natural death, the tabloids are most likely to paint Latham as the bad guy in Iraq and, dare I say it, "soft on terrorism" over the next week.


At 1:24 pm, Blogger HackWatch2004 said...

Just a quick update re Ivan Molloy.
Andrew Bolt dedicated his column to a photo "that seemed to be" of Molloy with Muslim extremists. Yeah, thanks for that Andrew, but basing a column on something that seems to be something else, seems to be some pretty crappy journalism.
Bolt's column had more or less the same quotes as Henderson's article. Singing from the same Liberal songsheet or what?

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