Sunday, October 03, 2004

The first Pro-Howard editorial, Milne

Well Surprise, surprise, surprise. The Sunday Herald Sun has launched the first of Rupert’s pro Liberal editorials.

It was a classic “good vs evil” piece that dragged up recent terrorist attacks around the world. The editorial then claimed “Mark Latham, an ill-disciplined man, who as Labor leader is still to fully take shape, heedlessly said he wanted the troops ‘home by Christmas’”. It then brought out the ANZAC spirit from the battlefields of Turkey and Europe.

In a stunning 572-word editorial, the word “Iraq” was not used once. Coincidence, I think not.

Glenn Milne has again put himself in the running for “Hack of 2004” with this article about “Latham’s Tax Evasion”.

Milne’s article claimed Latham refused to rule out increasing taxes if he was elected, and then told readers the “Prime Minister John Howard has already made such a pledge (not to increase taxes)”.

And here lies the problem of politics in Australia today.

When asked if Labor would rule out increased taxes, Latham should just say, “I cannot rule that out because economic conditions do change and a we may be forced to raise taxes to keep the budget in surplus”. The only problem with that logical and truthful approach is hacks like Milne start to scream like little girls.

When Howard makes pledges not to increase taxes (a la Bush senior’s “read my lips” crap) there is very little scrutiny of the promise. In this article, Milne treats the pledge as something holier than the Ten Commandments.

Milne then goes on to slam Labor about not putting their promises in to Treasury to be costed. Sure they should be all be officially costed and Milne has a point, but the fact he doesn’t even mention the Liberals are doing exactly the same thing, is more than a little disturbing. Is Milne Australia's most shameless pro-Liberal hack?

Lincoln Wright gave the Libs a free kick with the report about School Ratings. Gee Lincoln, Why couldn’t you quote someone from the teachers union, state governments, or even parents?

Having said that, Gerard McManus returned the favour for Labor’s dental announcement.

Sportsbet are offering $2.35 that the Daily Telegraph and Herald Sun do not put the word "Iraq" into their editorials. They are also offering 20,000 to one that Rupert's tabloids will endorse Labor. Sorry that isn't true, but you guys know what I mean.


At 4:19 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It wasn't so much a pro-Liberal editorial, but an anti-Latham one. The Sunday Herald Sun did follow the Liberals campaign style by being entirely negative and whipping up fear.
What happened to the Libs ten year plan?

At 6:00 pm, Blogger HackWatch2004 said...

I stand corrected, it wasn't pro-Liberal at all.

At 9:17 am, Blogger Nick Christie said...


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Interesting poll on msn (the one that pops up every time you sign in to hotmail). Usually v. conservative (majority for pauline hanson's election etc.) But this morning mega-majority against howard as preferred prime minister... We might be in for some surprises come Saturday.



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At 7:01 pm, Blogger Xeno said...

Does anyone believe anything our beloved lying rodent says?

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