Sunday, September 12, 2004

Wright has a good run for "The Hack".

Does it get any more bias than this. Basically Ian Haberfield and Lincoln Wright have declared that "Women Desert Latham" based on a poll published a week ago. In my first year of journalism studies, we were taught that most stories have to be based on an event. Last time I checked "desert" was a still verb (unless of course you are talking about the yummy unhealthy plate after the main course). How the hell are these clowns making the desertion claim based on one poll. Surely you need another poll showing Latham was previously polling stronger with women to make this claim.
I might write an article under the headline "Young new voters desert PM" for balance.
Haberfield and Wright are on the board for the "Hack of 2004" award.
In fact Wright picked up another vote for his article about a Green/Liberal preference deal. It is amazing the guy could write 20 pars on something that has absolutely no chance of becoming a reality. Jamie Walker did a much better job in courier mail.In the same paper Denis Atkins gave Latham a very easy run about his tax policy.
Interesting to see Newscorp haven't picked up this story by the talented Matthew Moore about assassination plans in Indonesia. News Corp's coverage from Jakarta has been inferior to fairfax because News Corp sent an Australian-based reporter with little backup to cover the events while Fairfax's Moore has demonstrated the advantages of being a foreign correspondent.
Interestingly News Corp was running a story about Russel Galt's legal fees being covered, but these articles have just been pulled from News Corp websites.
Hard to keep track of the hacks at the daily telegraph when their site is down.


At 4:24 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Re: preferences... You assert it has "absolutely no chance of becoming a reality", but in seats like Grayndler and Sydney where the contest is a straight out Labor/Green one, who else are the Libs going to direct their (very important) preferences to?

At 8:53 am, Blogger HackWatch2004 said...

Sure, there is a chance the Libs will preference the Greens in numersous seats but there isn't any chance of a deal as wright suggests. very big difference.

At 3:33 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You mean "biased", not "bias".

This report betrays media bias. The media is biased. Common mistake, so don't feel bad. They probably don't teach that in first year journalism studies.

Desert is a verb. The noun meaning a sweet third course that you're reaching for is "dessert". Note the double 's'. Courier Mail, Fairfax and Daily Telegraph get caps.


Goat Boy.


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