Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Water Water everywhere and the hacks will have a drink.

News Limited gave Howard's water policy a good run, and gave the Victorian Farmers Federation a platform to give The Greens another kicking. The Greens got to respond to the first article (in the last par) but got nothing in the second.
Meanwhile the Fairfax press interveiwed a wide range of experts, state premiers, and govt spokespeople for a more balanced article about water.

Howard made the first big mistake of the campaign by claiming the Indonesian police had received a phone warning 45 minutes before the Jakarta bomb. Fairfax reported it while web searches indicate Rupert's rags ignored it.

Just a quick update, the Daily Telegraph covered this story in an editorial. Amazing how Andrew Bartlett somehow copped a spray for Howard's stuff-up.

Meanwhile Shaun Carney gets a big tick for his article in Today's Age. Basically Shaun is arguing the media plays a central roll in creating political myths, eg Libs are stronger on national security and they "reduce a complex, diverse national electorate of almost 13 million individuals, along with their thoughts and aspirations and perceptions of the issues, down to a fistful of bumper stickers."
Carney gets a negative vote for "The Hack of 2004" which is currently being lead by Gerard McManus.


At 3:59 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You mean "a more balanced article about water".

Fairfax fan huh? What did you thing of their coverage of the Green's national policy launch in Monday's paper? Every cliche visited in a rollicking yarn which told us nothing except that Jonathan Green is a prat.

Patchouli adds colour to Greens' bid

A lesson in how not to cover a serious news story. David Marr used to give them in the SMH. The Abbott-Costello defamation trial is a particularly fond memory.

Goat Boy.

At 5:28 pm, Blogger HackWatch2004 said...

Not necessarilly a fairfax fan but certainly do appreciate good journalism.
If I was assigned to this story I would seek the opinions of 1. the libs 2. The opposition 3. the Farmers fed 4. the ACF 5. The greens 6 state premiers because it is a state issue as well and 8. the wentworth group. I would then try to give them all more or less equal space.
That is called journalism. Present a wide range of opinions and let readers judge for themselves. Have a look at the News Corp report sited. Howard got a very good run at the top of the story. Labor got a much smaller run further down and the Greens got shafted. No comments from farmers or experts. conclusion; just lazy (or hopelessly over-worked) hacks.

At 8:28 pm, Blogger HackWatch2004 said...

Thanks for picking up the mistake, it has been corrected. Like i say in my intro, im a crap spella and my grammer are know good either.


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