Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Tax, secrecy, scare, and cartoons.

Great show on Insight about the press corp last night.

Reporting Labor's tax policy can best be summed up by one word "secrecy". The ALP did an amazing job hiding any detail of their policy and released it to the press corp, leaving them nothing to report but the spin.
It was classic he said this, and he said that reporting.

The exception was Fleur Anderson who produced this dog titled Slash and Burn.

This lead paragraph is just hopeless.
"SMOKERS, travellers, mothers, foreign car buyers and clothing manufacturers will bear the $10 billion cost of Labor's slash and burn plan to pay for its $11 billion tax policy."

Fleur is in the running for "Hack of 2004" but she is still a long way behind.

To make up for their lack of analysis on tax The Daily Telegraph gave Ross cameron a solid kicking thanks to a disgruntled ex-staffer. If there was a prize for gutteral muckraking, Luke McIlveen would be in the running.

Tim Colebatch demonstrated the real advantage of having a clue about economics and politics by producing this excellent analysis of Labor's tax reforms.

The Herald Sun once again proved they're a comic with an unflattering cartoon of Latham on their front page. Latham has no chin, a redder nose, higher hairline, and extra weight. Use Photoshop next time.

The Age was considerably kinder with an action shot of Latham in full flight. That "snapper" must be really talented to get that shot of a very flat Latham.

Katherine McGrath gave Latham a suitable grilling of his tax policy this morning on AM.

Now I'm sitting down listening to John Howard pushing out some ridiculous spin about interest rates rising under Labor, undermining their tax breaks.
Faine has just given Howard a good kicking for having higher interest rates compared to the rest of the world.
Howard; ignore question slam Labor with prepared speech.
faine; asks if welfare to work has no merit?
H; Bashes on about interest rates again saying higher under labor than liberal.
F; Faine isn't taking any crap and highlights the weaknesses of Australian economy. Very good kicking bringing in negative gearing and housing prices.
H; ignores it goes back to interest rates, unemployment, govt national debt, real wages (mean not median). etc "This economy is about as good as anywhere in the western world" Goes on to bulkbilling without being asked.
F; Is your medicare package extravagent?
H; no, returns to predictable line on interest rates accuses Labor's policy as being inflationary. eg departure tax
F; laughs at him.
H; Howard knows he is talking crap and accuses Labor's IR policy as inflationary, ties in productivity argument. Plays the budget deficit card under labor. Fear campaign.
F; Asks where libs vision is? and says Libs campaign is all negative.
H; Talks about $600 bribe as visionary.
F; What about policies for the good of the country?
H: Talks up his economic stability record and then goes back to interest rates.

Listener Reaction
1. Paul, the rodent has spoken again. Brings up GST, stamp duty, other taxes.
2. Philip; whoever gets in interest rates go up, slams banks
3. terry; if they don't answer the question cut em off
4. mike; buckets of money, GST fera
5. wendy; wants to know more about medicare safety net
6. Matthew; slams howards interest rate record when treasurer
7 ann; bring back honesty;
8. ann; environment, economy is false if rivers are dying.
9. Tampa
10 Marg; 1.1- 6.3 no time for marg.

finally some sensible discussion with an ACCOS economist.
Summary; ABC is at it's best when they get experts to cut through the spin


At 5:02 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah Faine was pretty good. Howard just really takes the piss though.

At 5:10 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah Faine was pretty good. Howard just really takes the piss though.


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