Sunday, September 19, 2004

Talkback speaks and the Herald Sun follows.

The Herald Sun kept bashing Labor's school funding policy in an editorial today.

It really is amazing how they can sum up this complex issue in three paragraphs.

Here is slightly edited version of their middle paragraph; "But parents... work hard to pay fees, so they were in no mood for Labor propaganda about tall poppies. Their anger swamped the airwaves -- 61 per cent of talkback calls have been negative -- giving Mr Latham a crash course in the politics of education funding."

Wow 61% negative. And how often do you hear talkback callers ringing in to tell people all is well.

Look what talkback callers had to say about the FTA.

Rehame indicates 96% of people were negative about the GST and 74% were negative about Peter Reith's phone card affair in this report.

About the only talkback episode I could find where there was overwhelming public support for government policy surrounded the Tampa, and most of that was still negative commentary against queue jumping, disease-ridden illegals.

And who rings talkback. Well this reports may give you some idea.

Yes that is right, angry rednecks or people who fear something will be taken away from them.

A 61% negative talkback response is no basis for an editorial and definitive no basis to determine the popularity of a policy. But Labor bashing doesn't need a firm foundation in Rupert's tabloids.


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