Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Road Trips and Spinning Polls

It doesn't get any more pathetic than this.
A road trip in a Monaro, with Galaxy Polls surveying 1000 people (200 per seat) is enough for the Daily Telegraph to declare "... this poll suggests it is Liberal - not Labor - that has increased support".
Rather than investigating Howard's fear campaign about interest rates the Daily Telegraph is joining the Liberal campaign by stating "However, Mr Howard's decision to make interest rates and economic management the front-and-centre election issue has paid dividends, with a majority of voters saying simply they think change is too risky."
What a circus especially since virtually every other polling and media organisation in the country, and even John Howard was saying the latest polls showed Labor could win.
Who's ideas was the Road Trip, the Liberal Party's, Rupert's, or both?


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Neil Brown should stick to the legal game because his opinion piece in the Australian today was simplistic nonsense.
How is this for a load of bollocks about interest rates?
"The economists tell us we're not allowed to say that interest rates will rise under Labor. Fair enough. I won't. But the political point is not that there will be an increase under Labor but that, with different and erratic policies, you really would not know, and neither would they. The uncertainty, therefore, is just as bad as the certainty."
Neil, what economist are telling us this? Absolute Shite. The rest of the article only got worse.
The only positive thing I found about this piece is the fact Neil Brown is no longer an MP.


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