Friday, September 24, 2004

More cricket and no economic umpires.

Congratulations to the PM (ABC) crew for this fantastic interview with the PM (alleged lying rodent).
John Howard had absolutely no place to hide, and his cheap political spin on interest rates rising under Labor was exposed. The PM team's story was even better than the Laurie Oaks demolition job of Latham's weekly tables.
Tim Colebatch at The Age covered the story well but David Uren and Steve Lewis blew it again claiming 19 economists said there would be no difference under Liberal or Labor. That would be 14 economist Dave and Steve because 5 of those questioned did not participate in the survey. Under normal circumstances I would give both of these guys a vote for "The Hack" but Uren has actually improved lately and I don't want to punish someone heading in the right direction.
Just before the ABC PM interview John Howard brought out a cricket analogy claiming "I would say (the coalition was) three for about 268.
(in the campaign)
But the right hand opener is still there." Better make that six for 268 after three hit wickets, and with John Anderson yet to bat, the Libs have had a couple of very bad days.


At 9:28 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is with all the cricket commentary. It is still footy season. Comrade Bill Shorten debunked Howard's interets rates myth in the Herald Sun today. The Herald Sun hacks didn't cover it in any detail in thier hard news.
This election shouldn't even be close but Rupert's tabloids, talkback rednecks and Kezza are keeping howard in the running.
Have you noticed how nobody is talking about Iraq in a political context?

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