Monday, September 27, 2004

Mad Monday

Mad Monday is usually synonymous with drunken footballers celebrating the end of the season, but Mad Monday at the Herald Sun means celebrating the official launch of the Coalition’s campaign.
It was non-stop cheer leading in Rupert’s Melbourne tabloid, and yes the pom poms were blue.
Michael Harvey got the ball rolling on page 1 and the cheer leading didn’t stop until the editorial half way through the rag.
Jason Frenkel had a big day writing about tax help for children, $1.3 billion tax breaks , $1 billion for schools and more cash for GPs. In fact, Frenkel was so busy he didn’t have to check any of Howard’s claims or quote anyone else. Pathetic effort really. Jason, just because Howard says something doesn’t mean it is true. Next time fill your articles with phrases such as, “the government claims...” or “according to Mr Howard’s figures...”
The Herald Sun did balance their coverage with this article by John Ferguson. Ferguson kept up the Herald Sun’s tradition of blurring the lines between hard news and editorial by provided a glowing op-ed piece on the opposite page.
I seriously believe that Howard blowing the budget behind the lectern emblazened with a sign about low interest rates was a piece of comic genius. I’m sure the Chasers appreciate the free kick. Nobody at the Hun even mentioned it.
Who knows, tomorrow’s hard copy may be slightly better if this article about interest rates gets in. Now I know that is not the correct link. The hacks working on the News Ltd web site got it wrong.
Votes for all the people mentioned above.
The Daily Telegraph must have been taking the piss with an editorial noting “Mr Howard's central theme... interest rates and the economy”. If this is the case, why was their no mention about the PM breaking every economic rule in the book when it comes to keeping downward pressure on interest rates?

The Daily Tele editorialised, “IF an election can be won on sheer audacity, John Howard is in the box seat.” Yes it was audacious to kick economic own goals while pretending to be an economically responsible leader, but that doesn’t matter to the Daily Telegraph.

Chief Cheerleader in Sydney Malcolm Farr should have be on the payroll of the Liberal Party after this effort. We can expect some more IR fearmongerring by the conservatives and their friends in the Murdoch press next week.

Over at the Australian, their editorial is already claiming Labor is in trouble. With Rupert, Kerry, Alan, Jeremy, Sattler, Lawsie, and a host of others all gunning for the conservatives, they were always in trouble.


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