Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Kiddy Tuesday.

Jason Frenkel must have read my column yesterday about getting other opinions, because in today’s paper he teamed up with Gerard McManus to write this story about child care.
Notice how they get Howard’s comments on Labor policy for the story. That certainly didn’t happen the other way round yesterday.
On another note World Oil prices nearly doubled to $83 a barrel overnight according to Fleur Anderson. Let’s hope the sub-editors picked up that clunker before it made to the printing press.
Steven Wardell, can you spell b-e-a-t-u-p? Wardell wins a special prize for taking material written more than 20 years ago and applying it to today’s terrorism situation. The whole story was merely a google search for Labor candidate Dr Ivan Molloy to find small snippets to publish without any context. Downer got the free kick at the end of the story. Wardell is on the board for “Hack of 2004” with this very strong effort.
Piers Akerman wrote this predictable nonsense about the Greens, “doctors wives”, and Family First.
The whole story was based on Akerman’s assumption that “The extremist criticism (of Family First) seems to be coming from the loopy Greens and their allies among the so-called "doctors' wives" who pride themselves on their small-l liberalism.”
“seems to be coming”. Thanks Piers.
Alan jones has been copping a well-deserved bagging from Brad Norington, Media Watch and the Chasers.
Three votes for Jones.
Oh and this is just pathetic.


At 3:03 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is the Molloy's inter net chat room post which also appeared in the Australian. See how Molloy's support for mandatory detention is now used to potray him as soft on terror.
Here is what the ABC has to say about Molloy.
The photo looks likely to be a beatup as well.
Fucking disgraceful report. Wonder who put the hack up to it. His paper or the Liberal party?

At 5:18 pm, Blogger HackWatch2004 said...

PS back on Sept 6 I wrote that Peter King didn't stand a chance of getting Green prefs because they hate his guts but that didn't stop the hacks chasing that story.
File this under I told you so.

At 6:36 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Latham had to put out that little bushfire started by Wardell and was more-or-less unable to get any positive policy information out on the broadcast media.
Unethical hacks like Wardell have the ability to set the agenda for the day and participate in the political process rather than reporting it. He should get 2 vote for the Hack for today's report. What is the prize anyway?

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