Friday, September 03, 2004

Kicking Own Goals

In the last couple of days election watchers have been treated to so many political own goals it seems this campaign is being run solely for the benifit of political satirist.
Apart from the Daily Telegraph who rightly ridiculed Labor, the press went way too easy on Latham and Creans interest rate guarantee pledge. No wonder Simon Crean looked pissed off at such a cheap political stunt. John Quiggin provides some good analysis on this. Rather than signing big piece of cardboard Labor should have just told the electorate the Libs have blown the budget on election bribes putting upward pressure on interest rates at the worst possible time.

Peter King placed one into the back of the Liberals net, in what is sure to be an ongoing saga. Expect some good old-fashioned character assassination from the Liberals on this one. The big question is, who in the Sydney media are going to join in the kicking. My guess is Piers and Alan will line up for a shot at the treasonous ex-Liberal.

Mark Latham looks pretty safe against Liberal candidate Michael Medway who is in sorts of trouble for writing about "...dumb American tourists appear(ing) (at Stratford on Avon) with their uneducated stupid comments". My god. American tourists asking stupid questions, and at Avon of all places. I cant believe it.

The Herald Sun's Luke McIlveen covered this story, and somehow he manages to give Latham a kicking for Medways web diary.

This is his fifth paragraph.
"The 25-year-old insurance salesman (Medway) from Liverpool has won Liberal preselection for the seat of Werriwa. But his colourful language and controversial views could have voters mistaking him for the Opposition Leader."
I won't mince words here folks, this is a ridiculous statement and McIlveen is probably more stupid than the Labor strategist who thought people would be impressed with Latham signing a big piece of paper. McIlveen deserves his vote for Hackwatch's "Hack of 2004" award.

Despite a couple more own goals from the Liberals they must have been happy with the Herald Sun's coverage on Friday.

It was Scoresby Freeway day in the Herald Sun despite the fact that nothing had happened on this largely state-based issue at the time of print. This long piece was backed up by two editorials and a Mark Knight cartoon. Co-incedence? I think not.

In the other editorial Michael Harvey, whose bias is now obvious, has already amazingly given the seats of Deakin and Latrobe to the Liberals. I've still got McManus ahead on points for "The Hack" but Harvey is giving it his all.

Take care people, it is going to get worse before it gets better.


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