Friday, September 10, 2004

Jakarta Bombing; Hacks Away.

Greg Sheridan got the ball rolling with his article "Proof we are a Prime Target", but somehow managed to avoid discussing Australia's involvement in Iraq may have had something to do with the target choice.
No suprise that Sheridan argued " (the bombing) totally transforms the campaign environment. National security will now dominate the election, at least for some of the time, playing automatically to Prime Minister John Howard's strengths and drowning out Labor's message."
Partisan rubbish using a tragedy. 2 votes for Sheridan for "the Hack".
The Australian declared the bombing was all-about our election campaign and compared it to the Madrid attacks. Of course it is way too early to know the motivation for the timing of the bomb. Third anniversary of Sept 11, Indonesian elections, Australian elections, or simply the bomb planning process was finished. The journalist for this piece Samantha Maiden gets a vote for "the Hack" for her assumptions.
For a much better analysis check Matthew Moore's effort in The Age.
Brendan Nicholson brought up the Iraq connection argument very well by asking experts on the subject.
In a low point for the Age Tony Parkinson did a fox news, by claiming "Some people would say...", "Critics complain..." Who Tony Who? Very Fox.
Malcolm Farr has already declared Latham's mountain has just got higher and backed Howard's argument about Australia's involvement in Iraq does not increase our risk.
What will Farr say if JI directly take responsiblity for the bombings and claim it occured because of Australia's involvement in Iraq?
Meanwhile Richard Woolcott has basically slammed the Howard Government's foreign policy and has said everything so many Labor people want to scream from the rooftops.
Max Suich wrote this interesting piece about media bias, but he largely ignored bias by ommission, bias by hiring, firing and promoting journalists, and political bias through editorial policies on certain issues. eg The Howard government made massive political mileage out of the Murdoch tabloid's policy of demonising asylum seekers. Maybe he will write about this in his next column.


At 12:57 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is there a running "Hack 2004" tally?

At 3:01 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've got Michael Harvey on top at the moment. His comment piece on p5 of today's Heralds Sun basically argues that the Jakarta bombings is an issue that will keep people in the marginals voting for howard. He should end his articles with "authorised by the Liberal party".
Why he is writing consistent pro-howard opinion pieces on the same page as his hard news is a mystery to me.
Harvey may not have the most outrageously bias reporter but he certainly can't keep his opinions out of the hard news.
Another interesting aspect of the Herald sun's coverage is Mark Knight's cartoons. They are nearly all of Latham and nearly all negative. Bit like Luenig in the Age except the opposite way around.

At 6:01 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The age did a nice job balancing the parkinson and woolcott pieces. exactly the same sizes. big tick for the age.


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