Sunday, September 19, 2004

It's going to be a shitfight.

Judging from the breaking news about the Liberal's attacks on Latham's Liverpool council record, we are in for one all-mighty shitfight over the next few days.
Liberal attack dog Tony Abbott is going in boots and all and it is well and truly on for young and old.
Next thing you know Latham will be accused of fabricating his Swift Boat record in Veitnam!
On a purely political level, the Government could well be on a winner with this issue. Even if they don't prove anything, they can create plenty of doubt and take the focus away from the conservative's weak points. Latham will also have to spend considerable time and resources defending the claims, thus taking the wind out of Labor's sails.
With the campaign taking a very nasty turn Hackwatch is going to stick with this story for a while.


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