Saturday, September 11, 2004

It about the terrorism stupid!

After declaring WW3 yesterday and bodly predicting a win for the good guys, the Daily Telegraph has a more measured approach in today's editorial.

Brian Deegan politicised the bombings early by advocating discussions with JI's leaders but he has made a fatal mistake in assuming the press can cover this complex issue in 500 words. Deegan copped a predictable bagging at spleensvile and surely it is only a matter of time before the mainstreamers have a go.

The Australian's editorial, makes a number of sensible comments but has a number of dubious assumptions. The assumption that the Jakarta bombing was all about Islamic Terrorism targetting the West may well be proven true in the long run, but there are still distinct possibilities these attacks had dual motives. It is simply too early to dismiss the possibility that the Old gaurd (suharto's cronies) are working with JI to destabalise the Indonesian elections. They had their grubby little hands all over the Ambon conflict, why not again?

The Australian had a red hot go at the Indonesia media, (one that has way more diversity than ours) and yet seem comfortable pushing the simplistic "hunt them down (and all will be fine)" argument.

It really is a dull day on the campaign trail.


At 2:02 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Miranda Devine is a hack who can't read press releases. Who will forget her "politically correct conspiracy over the 2000 gang rapes.
In her article today she says that Muslims have finally started condemning Islamic terror.
Miranda, you are a nong. Moderate Muslims have being condemning these attacks for years, you just have to read the press releases. stop making things up.


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