Thursday, September 16, 2004

Is David Uren Howard's man?

Could John Howard have a better economics correspondent than The Australian's David Uren?
Last week David told every one interest rates were not going up in the next few months, a week before that he was telling everyone rates were going up no matter who was getting elected and this week he was telling everyone how good things were in an article titled Middle Men Getting Richer.

Uren told readers "People living in the poorest suburbs and regions in Australia raised their household incomes by 23.2 per cent between 1996 and 2001" but amazingly forgot to inform everyone that those figures had not been adjusted for inflation. What about their increased expenses with the GST? Not discussed.

Uren got a nice quote from a grazier in the richest postcode who claimed "you could fatten a crowbar" in the region, but didn't get any comments from Cullacabardee in Western Australia (the poorest postcode).

Uren also failed to dig deep into the figures. If he did, he would have noticed they ignored people not submitting tax returns and bumped others with negative income up to a zero income. This of course skews the result and largely ignores the most underprivileged sectors of society.

Essentially Uren takes figures that portray the Howard government in a favourable light. He also seems amazingly adept at avoiding discussing housing affordability, current account deficits, mortgage servicing rates, or household debt levels during the campaign.

So is Uren bias towards the conservatives? Have a look at this recent story on Labor, and this story and you decide.


At 5:23 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 7:08 am, Blogger evan jones said...

well done.
This stuff is very hard work.
Uren is merely the latest in a conga line of suckholes.
Remember Des Keegan.
And Alan Wood has presided over the menagerie indefinitely.

At 9:17 pm, Blogger sma53769 said...

Surely You Jest:

First things First: Have you been to Cullacabardee? No of course not. You would have had rocks thrown at you for being near as my sister in law did. These people do not represent the "poor" , they represent the criminal.

Secondly, the fact remains that in REAL TERMS the Howard government increased wages by 20%. This is an economic fact.

Next you assert that those with a negative income would effect a national result? Care to list the number of people with a negative income?

Finally you fail to list what you believe the NET effect of the GST was. I assume you didn't do this because you don't know.

There is one fact we all know. That under the previous Labor government REAL wages decreased. I suggest you head out to the Cullacabardee Aboriginal camp and ask them how there income faired under Hawke / Keating. I recommend you take body armour.


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