Thursday, September 09, 2004

The Holy Trinity; God, Islamist Terror and Andrew Bolt

Don't you just love it when Bolta bangs on about religion and then concludes it's the left to blame.

Bolt slammed Peter Watson for daring to question the direction Australia is headed in his address to the Anglican synod titled How the nation of Australia stands at this time.

Bolt then accuses Watson of "using his privileged religious position to preach everyday secular politics".

Oh the double standards. Bolt has no trouble ignoring the fire and brimstone christians like the Catch the Fire Ministries who promote religious intolerance and discuss modern political issues such as the levels of Islamic immigration. In fact he supports them.

Bolt also doesn't have a problem with the Salt Shakers or this nutter.

Right wing christians preaching modern politics and endorsing Howard or his policies = free speech. Any other christian questioning Howard = furious anger from Bolt.

On to Islamist Terror as Bolt likes to call it.
His summary of the Beslan tragedy is about as black and white as it can get. Terrorists are muslims and bad and the Russians are good. I just find it amazing anyone could ignore the Russian/Chechen war while analysing this tragedy and scream "lefty" at anyone who even discusses the ten year old conflict.
Expect more of the same in the lead up to election day, with Labor and the Greens being the greatest threat to national security. Well it worked in 2001 didn't it.


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