Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Guns and RIP free speech in the Geelong

Gerard McManus has firmed as favourite for the “Hack of 2004” for giving Steve Wardell’s beatup a good kick along in the Hun today.
I particularly like this paragraph; “Mr Latham continues to defend Dr Molloy, despite confusing claims about the academic's past associations with an Asian guerilla organisation.” And what caused the confusion? Wardell’s beatup.
McManus then wrote, “The Courier Mail newspaper had produced a photo of Dr Molloy holding a semi-automatic assault rifle in the Philippines in 1983.”
Hang on there Gerard. The Courier Mail claimed the gun was supplied by Muslim extremists and that is highly unlikely to be true, especially since the general theme of Molloy’s study was about a faltering jihad.
McManus forgot to mention that crucial piece of information.
I have now bestowed the title of “Hack of the Highest Order” on McManus for rehashing a beatup for political gains.

McManus’ performance on this issue absolutely pails into insignificance compared to Wardell. He has teamed up with Stefanie Balogh and Malcolm Cole to produce the follow up.
The lead paragraph declares, “THE Labor Party will make its most important election bid today as it grapples with controversy over a Queensland candidate revealed to have once posed toting a machinegun with a violent Muslim extremist group.” Revealed, REVEALED. Rubbish guys, Wardell just added the context for the photo.

These hacks did acknowledge Molloy’s claims that the photo had been misrepresented before throwing up the huge “red herring” claiming, “ the candidate for the Sunshine Coast seat of Fairfax acknowledged the group he was with, the Moro National Liberation Front, only later formed an agreement with the Philippines government.”
You guys have no proof that photo is of a MNLF soldier and their agreement with the Philippines government is largely irrelevant. These three then gave Labor a good kicking on education without a response from the ALP.
Votes for all involved. Wardell is now giving “The Hack of 2004” a really good nudge.

Whatever happened to the diplomatic post bribes allegedly offered by the National party? Not important, let’s move on.

Terry McCann has joined the Liberal Party interest rates bandwagon with simplistic nonsense, a fear campaign about foreign investment, and more rubbish about IR and the Libs spending spree. Terry’s opinions are largely determined by what the parties say rather than any economic realities. Three votes.

Sydney morning Herald gets a vote for having ads and links for Margo Kingston’s “Not Happy John”, on their online edition main page yesterday. Why they open themselves up for criticism is beyond my comprehension.

Meanwhile Janet Albrechtsen in the Australian has told readers, chicks still dig Howard accept those stuck up “doctors wives” on $3,$4,$500,000 pa. Maybe she is still pissed off about being called a “skanky ho” by Latham.

On another issue, I wrote a letter to the Geelong Addy the other day about John Howard’s honesty. After a couple of savage editing jobs on previous letters about this topic, I asked the charming lady who checks authenticity, whether it was possible to have the words “Howard” and “Liar” in the same paragraph.

The response was, “We have defamation concerns with that”. Rather than give a lecture about defamation law, I’ll just say it seems free speech in terms of criticising powerful politicians is now dead in Rupert’s Geelong rag.


At 5:49 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you kidding about the Geelong Advertiser?

At 10:28 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is it my imagination, or is there a lot more obvious politicisation during this campaign that ever before? I cant remember a time when we have had journalists campaigning the way we currently see it. At least Margot Kingston is honest about her affiliations and does not pretend to be balanced (and she can be quite critical of the side she supports as well) unlike some of the others who are mounting what amounts to a psychological warfare campaign.



At 7:46 am, Blogger HackWatch2004 said...

Yes anon, I am being serious re Geelong addy.
Mike, I'm not so much being critical of Margot, but her newspaper for giving a journo a campaigning platform.
At least she is honest about her political leanings.

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