Sunday, September 12, 2004

The Great Debate

Well both the herald sun and The Age agree, Latham won the debate convincingly, but to be perfectly honest they both put me to sleep literally. I had a long day at work though and missed ten minutes of the debate in the land of nod.
Over on Tim Blair's ultra conservative blog they are screaming rigged and are giving the audience member with green hair a work over.
20 minutes after News Corp declared latham the winner they posted this story where two debating judges split the decision. And who awarded it to the Liberals. A guy called Allan McCulloch from the Rostrum Group. Who is this bloke? I googled him and he came up a blank.


At 9:18 am, Blogger HackWatch2004 said...

Here is the evil commie who single handedly controls the worm. He has one of those controls with super powers.


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