Monday, September 06, 2004

Farr from a King.

Malcolm Farr has got himself a vote for the "Hack of 2004" trophy for this analysis of Wentworth.
I particularly like this paragraph; "King has some ties to the conservation issue having been president of the UNESCO World Heritage Bureau 2000-01 and head of the Australian Heritage Commission just before that."
What Farr doesn't understand is the King played a central role in the government's attempts to have Kakadu withdrawn from World Heritage listing so the jabiluka uranium mine could go ahead, and the Greens can't stand him.
King is basically up shit creek without a paddle if he expects to get preferences ahead of Labor on that ticket, but with more pitiful analysis like Farr's, King may get some primary votes off the Greens.
Hell hath no fury like a sitting member scorned, and if Turnbull gets dumped to the bottom of King's ticket the Royal Sydney Golf Club associates will just be beside themselves having a commie as their Canberra representative.


At 4:54 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Too Funny,
If farr actually new someone in the greens to ring about King he may have avoided this little embarassment.


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