Thursday, September 09, 2004

Embassy Bombing

So far the reporting of the attack has been outstanding with the what, when, who, where, and how being covered really well by the wire services.
There hasn't been any speculation in the Daily Telegraph, the age, the Australian, or the herald sun as yet, but how this event is reported will essentially make or break the campaign.
No doubt Howard will get plenty of support from the tabloids.
Will Latham go on the attack and blame Howard for being the Deputy Sheriff and a member of the coalition of the willing for Iraq, or will he sit back and do a Beazley?
Before the blood has dried The Sydney Morning Herald conducted an on-line poll asking which party will benifit from the bombing. About the only decent thing about this poll is, rather than having the opinions of hacks rammed downed our throats, we get the collective opinion of 930 pundits as of 10pm. Not very tactful SMH.


At 5:45 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting coverage from paul bongiorno on 10 about the effect of the bombing on the election. he asks if australians will see john howard as a strong leader for the times, or whether Australians will see his iraq policy as one that makes us more vulnerable to terrorism?
Good question, not rammed down our throat.
Tick for Paul


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