Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Education and Happy "Redneck" Clappers.

Class War screamed the Herald Sun front page. Yes it is a good pun, but why did Jason Frenkel and Catherine Hockley go into bat for the "wealthy schools". I really find it unbelieveable that these two hacks could interveiw two people from independent schools and yet none from a government school association.
The Herald Sun even drew up a hitlist of "elite" schools under Latham's plan. Note to HS editors. Your readers generally don't send their kids to these schools and are probably pretty happy about their kid's schools getting more money.
Dennis Shanahan told a massive porky in his editorial by claiming "...those emerging schools and the poorer Catholic schools, which have rising enrolments have to fight for a relatively small and shrinking slice of the cake." Please Dennis the Labor plan sees grants based on a per student basis. ie More student=bigger pie.
Over at The Age Misha Schubert and Orietta Guerrera went the hit list lead but then interveiwed a wide range of stakeholders.
Shane Green examines the political nitty gritty of the schools policy and declares "On Education Labor has the coalition's number".
It wasn't all bad at the Hun and they did do a good job exposing Mrs Poor as a Liberal stooge when she rang up talkback radio. Wouldn't it be funny if Mrs Poor actually was Mrs Loaded and her story was a load of crap. $34,500 salary for a travel agent eh? Is that before or after deductions, piling cash into an investment property, do they have other income streams? It would be nice to know.
Oh Goody. The Christians are coming with the Family first Party headed by Catch the Fire's Danny Nalliah. And by Family's First, they mean Christian Families first, certainly not same sex families or Muslim families first. Message to journos, somebody please ask these guys if they support the end to TPVs so Muslim families can be re-united.


At 2:44 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Didn't the Happy clappers get a nice run in The Hun today. No mention of the fanatical Pastor Nalliah at all. The journo John Masanauskas has to get a vote for the Hack of 2004 for that massive ommision. I guess when Family First are likely to pref Libs they tend to be partrayed as nice people rather than one-leeged lesbians or drug dealing deviates.

At 3:43 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you commenting on your own posts now, Iain? Shame.

The Hack

At 3:55 pm, Blogger HackWatch2004 said...

No Hack i'm not,
But I'm going to give John Masanauskas a vote. Anon is right, How could Masanauskas miss those important details?
You are most welcome to post items pointing to shitty journalism from so-called "lefty" journalists. I'll award votes if the nominations are worthy. Margo's already got a vote because she can't decide whether she is a campaigner or commentator. she shouldn't be both.

At 5:57 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mate, you're not a journo. You're a student with grand ideas.

The Hack.

At 4:18 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seriously tempted to call the Party's number and ask them that question. If I have nothing to do in an afternoon I may well do so.


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