Friday, September 10, 2004

Daily Telegraph declares war.

It seems Campbell Reid has had a full frontal lobotomy and decided to declare war in Daily Telegraph.
Reid has gone the, evil mad bastards who must be "exterminated" vs good "countries committed to freedom and decency" argument. Reid even compare the current situation to WW2.
The best thing about Reid's war that "we must fight" is that according to the Daily Telegraph "...we will win."
Get me a headache tablet.
Meanwhile the Australian's editorial was a lot more measured but interestingly it did parrot Howard's main argument that "Those who say that our involvement in Iraq made us a target for attacks like this are wrong. The Bali bombing occurred long before the war to remove Saddam Hussein."
Ruperts quality paper, Just like John Howard essentially avoids asking the question that could determine the outcome of the election. Are we more of a target because of our involvement in Iraq?


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