Monday, September 20, 2004

Branch Stacking and Diplomatic Bribes?

Wow, 2 scandals in one day.
Joe Hilderbrand did a good job covering the Latham branch stacking allegations while Tony Windsor's claims of being offered a diplomatic post in exchange for not standing is a genuine bombshell.
Nuffy over at Tim Blair's site is asking "What do you think will get the most media. The Latham rumour or the LNP rumour? I reckon the 7.30 report/SMH/Lateline will all cover the LNP rumour in detail while the ALP will disappear without a trace!"
Well Nuffy, on the one hand you have a well respected independent MP making allegations out in the open, and on the other you have a bitter ex-ALP person who is standing against Latham making claims inside Coward's Castle. Go figure Nuffy.
Having said that, there is now a really big opportunity for a journo to get a Walkley if they can expose either claims. On an election based on trust this could be the biggie.


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