Thursday, September 23, 2004

Beat Up

Beat Up
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The media couldn't help themselves with this one. The Daily Terror and The Australian just had to put the word "Explosive" in the headline.
The headline was particularly disturbing in the Austalian because their source declared "It is not on the same scale as if you had an actual explosive (onboard)..."
The Age couldn't help themselves either.
This paragraph by David Miranda, "It may also have been designed to burn the plane while it was on the ground because it is impossible for passengers or crew to get into the plane's hold during flight" was about as bad as it got.

David Uren has lost a vote for the"Hack of 2004" because of his skilled reporting about Costello's $700mil black hole allegations.
While Uren lost a vote for "The Hack" Alan Wood gained one for his analysis of the same issue.
Costello made an allegation which has been disputed by an independent economics organisation. That is the story, but Wood claims Labor has to submit their figures to treasury to defend Costello's allegations. So according to Wood, Labor has to defend the false allegations while Costello doesn't have to prove them.
A few hours later the PM made the same call about the
$700 million claim. Singing from the same song sheet eh?
Definitely a vote for "Hack of 2004".


At 3:53 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Most news orgs have dropped the "explosive" tag and replaced it with "incendiary device" or just "device". Yes it was a beatup, but do you think they will admit it.

At 7:48 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ABC news called it an "explosive" tonight. 3 days after it became obvious it wasn't. Ahhhhh

At 10:31 pm, Blogger HackWatch2004 said...

I heard ABC radio tonight and they got it right. Message to all media outlets; Explosives go boom. This thing would have gone fizz fizz, if somebody had actually set it off.
Hopefully someone will write something about the outrageous and possibly defamatory accusations about union involvement by Anderson.

At 11:03 pm, Blogger Dave said...

Something weird is going on with the layout of your page.

At 8:20 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Greens are to blame.

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